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Network Marketing Tips – Do You Have A Mentor?

In order for any Network Marketing Tips to be productive I will be honest and tell you that building a successful business online will take hard work, dedication, the right tools and knowledge. Don’t set conditions or ultimatums for yourself and your business, be prepared to give your business the time it needs to grow. You are on a path that can truly lead you to true fulfillment of your dreams!

So which comes first…the chicken or the egg? Shall #1 of my Network Marketing Tips be to find a system that is proven to work OR to seek out a mentor who will teach you how to do things correctly? Well…both, because one without the other is like peanut butter without the jelly. I know this first-hand. When I brought my Network Marketing business Online I found a marketing system that by comparison offered the most comprehensive internet and attraction marketing platforms. Everything I needed, simply laid out, easy to execute and super affordable right out of the box.

I did not waste one second, I jumped into action…watched endless step-by-step videos, dialed in to every training call and webinar, discovered an entirely new language of SEO, PPC, funded proposals, blogs, Alexa ranking, sales funnels and so much more (3 Notebooks full to be exact). Whatever I didn’t understand I Googled, all the while setting up my own system. Fast forward a few months and literally a few leads later I was left scratching my head. What was I missing, were there more Network Marketing Tips that I still hadn’t discovered?

Then one day I found it, MY missing link…my life changer! I came across a video that professed to tell why I wasn’t making money online and that moment was like a slap in the face that woke me out of my state of information overload and set me in a whole different direction. It’s said that when the student is ready the teacher appears and POOF! there he was. He said “If you do not understand from a broad perspective what your business is really about you are going to fail.”

Hmmm…”If you do not understand from a broad perspective what YOUR business is really about you are going to fail.” Do you really hear that? MY business…YOUR business. Not our network marketing company, not the marketing system we joined with and not the affiliate programs we are promoting, but our own individual self…our brand.

Since you started with Online Network Marketing can you count the endless ‘Internet/Online Coaches’ you have found? There are literally thousands of ‘experts’ who are sharing Network Marketing Tips. How will YOU stand out? How will you be different then all of the others offering tips for your Network Marketing Success?

FIND A MENTOR…an approachable person who is where you want to be. A person you can actually call and talk to.

Understand though that if you do reach out because you’re ready to take your business to the next level you MUST go back to the to the first paragraph of this post, read the first sentence as many times as is necessary and be crystal clear that no matter what Network Marketing Tips anyone shares, you must be willing to do the work.

In doing, ‘the work’, you must first begin to lay the foundation for your brand, your business and ultimately your future. With direction from your mentor you will begin adding value to yourself, value to your business and value to others. Please be authentic guys, too many people are hurting. Grow personally so you have something to offer others. Be authentic, be honest, be transparent and be the difference for someone else.

If you’re ready to align yourself with leaders and finally get results, take that leap of faith and get in touch with me right now. I will do everything I can to show you how to reach your goals.

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